Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hi all...just a quick post to let you know that we will have limited edition (only 20 available) Holmes Brothers shirts on sale at City SLickers DBN this friday (11th dec).The print was exclusively designed by Trevor Paul.If you would like to buy one, they will be available at the eve of the exhibit,so move fast! here's what the print looks like: (please note, that the print will also be sold as an editioned print paper at the exhibition, printed on Fedrigoni 250g
Gesso ).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Only 2 days to go until the event...Thought we'd add another sneal peak to get everyone amped!Hope to see all you DBN peeps there!
Remember, Friday (11th)...Gallery 415 Umgeni RD / 6:00pm

Hylton Wartburton (DBN)

MJ DU Preez (PTA)

Justin Southey (CT)

Monday, December 7, 2009


350173 (love and hate)
Maxwell Adams
Maaike Bakker
Black Koki (love and hate)
Shaun Botes
Jean-Paul Brouard
Mzwamdile Buthelezi
Anthony Dart
Gregory Davies
Mj Du Preez
Wesley van Eeden
Alain van Heerden
Francois Jonker
Jacques Kleynhans
Daniel Du Plessis
Jordan Metcalf
Matt Kay
Warwick Kay
Patrick Latimer
Kim Longhurst
Nicolene Louw
Louis Minnaar
Christian Mugnai
El Neoray
Alistair Palmer
Kevin Parry
Trevor Paul
Andre Pereira
Scott Robertson
Merwe Marchand Le Roux
Mike Saal
Donovon Sloan
Justin Southey
Colwyn Thomas
Dustin Slabber
Ross Turpin
MJ Turpin
Hylton Warburton
Jean De Wet
Gerhard van Wyk

International Artists:

Stefan Joch
Gant Powell
Oskar Hansson Wetegren
Nod Young
LouLou & Tummie
Cultural Urge
Maxwell Adams

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Since I posted a few pieces before the PTA show, I thought it'd be unfair not to post a sneak peak for the DBN show...So here goes for now...




Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hey all...I just realized that City SLickers DBN is just a month away.There have been some extra works that have been submitted exclusively for this leg.I can assure you that it'll be a great mix.There will also be a limited edition City Slickers shirt on sale at the exhibition (designed by Trevor Paul), which is produced in collaboration with the mighty Holmes Bro's as well...

We'll be putting up a sneak preview of some exclusive DBN work sooon, so keep visiting!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hi all!

Despite the long slumber following City Slickers PTA show, the Durban leg of the exhibition is finally near!The initial date was postponed as time caught up with us, but the new and final date is now 11 December.After Durba City Slickers will hit CT early next year and eventually London!
Keep visiting the blog as we will be posting frequent updates again!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


City Slickers is aiming to support the One Life cause. We therefore give the artists the choice to contribute the profits of their sold work to the One Life cause.As we feel that we have a social responsibility within our society, it seemed to be a good idea to become involved in the one life cause.


One Life is a project that aims at improving living conditions of the under privelidged. As we know a great percentage of South Africa's society has living conditions which are beyond humane.As shelter is a great concern, it is an important factor of our social condition that needs to be addressed. One Life is a project initiated by 3rd place, which takes action to improve these conditions. Once the sufficient amount to erect a RDP house is raised (R.8000-), a group of people come together to build new housing for one of the many individuals or families in great need.As soon as enough resources are collected to build another one , the process continues.Thus, despite the fact that it is impossible to overcome all the overwhelming poverty we experience all around us, it is in fact possible to change one life at a time! for more info read this.


for more info please mail me at

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A huge thanks goes out to everyone who submitted work , the awesome bands and all of you who attended!Also ...thanks to welovepictures for documenting the guys are MAD skilled!)

Friday, August 14, 2009


Thanks for everyone who attended last night!It was insane how many people ended up showing...It was definitely not expected.It was good to have you all there, so thanks for attending.

Thanks again to all the artists,their mad skills made this event happen!
I think one can state with confidence that the standard of the work was definitely decent.Trevor Paul also had a great input with that, so cheers Trevor!

A high 5 to the awesome bands (Vampire 9000 + A Skyline on Fire) that definitely delivered!You guys were at your best.

Welovepictures documented the event (thanks amigos), so we will upload pictures soon!

Now it is time to get excited for the DBN leg of the show, which is opening at Gallery 415 on the 2nd October!Get amped:)!

until the next one....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

//ANOTHER PEEK BEHIND THE CURTAINS + a tough exercise of self-control.

I am truly overwhelmed.When one receives such a great amount of awesome contributions, it is very difficult to keep it to oneself.I suppose one could equate it to keeping a secret...I have reached a new point of self control, as I would love to just post every work I have received and share it. Yet, then what would be the point of an exhibition right? Here are a few more works I particularly enjoy.Feel free to comment.

Merwe Marchand Le Roux (CT/London)

Anthony Dart (JHB)

Donovan Sloan (PTA)

Matt Kay (DBN)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The PTA show will feature the performance of two innovative bands. These include "A Skyline on Fire" as well as the newcomers "Vampire 9000".The idea is not only to entertain but also to provide something else, something to complete the exhibition.These bands are all guys that play music because it's their vocation and not just because of passion.The Vampire 9000 performance will also feature visuals by D(V)J Sassquatch.



Saturday, July 25, 2009


I figured since most of the contributors and many other people who might be following up on city slickers aren't familiar with the PTA exhibition space, it'd be nice to share a bit about the space.

Here are some photos that were taken by my ulta-super-mad talented friends from welovepictures (check them out here).These pics were taken at the awesome gig poster exhibition of Andre Pereira (check him out here), which recently took place at +27.



The band Wrestlerish playing an acoustic set at the exhibition event.check them out here.




Apart from that, I have been getting more and more contributions.Always great to receive work of such great diversity.So thanks to all the artists for sharpening their pencils + applying their mad skills!Will share some more work soon!