Friday, August 14, 2009


Thanks for everyone who attended last night!It was insane how many people ended up showing...It was definitely not expected.It was good to have you all there, so thanks for attending.

Thanks again to all the artists,their mad skills made this event happen!
I think one can state with confidence that the standard of the work was definitely decent.Trevor Paul also had a great input with that, so cheers Trevor!

A high 5 to the awesome bands (Vampire 9000 + A Skyline on Fire) that definitely delivered!You guys were at your best.

Welovepictures documented the event (thanks amigos), so we will upload pictures soon!

Now it is time to get excited for the DBN leg of the show, which is opening at Gallery 415 on the 2nd October!Get amped:)!

until the next one....

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