Saturday, July 25, 2009


I figured since most of the contributors and many other people who might be following up on city slickers aren't familiar with the PTA exhibition space, it'd be nice to share a bit about the space.

Here are some photos that were taken by my ulta-super-mad talented friends from welovepictures (check them out here).These pics were taken at the awesome gig poster exhibition of Andre Pereira (check him out here), which recently took place at +27.



The band Wrestlerish playing an acoustic set at the exhibition event.check them out here.




Apart from that, I have been getting more and more contributions.Always great to receive work of such great diversity.So thanks to all the artists for sharpening their pencils + applying their mad skills!Will share some more work soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here is a list of all confirmed artists!

Alistair Palmer
Alain van Heerden
Andre Pereira
Anthony Dart
Ben Rausch
Black Koki (love & hate)
Christian Mugnai
Daniel Du Plessis
Donovan Sloan
Dustin Slabber
El Neo Ray (BE)
Gant Powell (USA)
Gerhard De Beer
Gerhard Van Wyk
Grycja Erde (UA)
Hylton Warburton
Ian Stevenson (UK)
Ilse Moore
Jaco Haasbroek
Jacques Kleynhans
Jean de Wet
Jeremy Perrodeau (FR)
Joh-Del Kevin Parry
Kim Longhurst
Louis Minnaar
Maike Backeberg (welovepictures)
Marcello Velho (UK)
Marike Hechter
Matt Kay
Maxwell Adams (CA)
Maxwell Gailbrath (UK)
MJ Du Preez
MJ Turpin
Nicolene Louw
Retha Ferguson
Ricardo Rocha
Rowan Toselli
Ross Turpin
Scott Robertson
Shotopop (UK)
Stefan Joch (AT)
Steven Mckimmie
Superhands Collective
Telri Stoop
Tempest van Schaik (Ellomennopee)
Trevor Paul
Vuil (welovepictures)
Wesley van Eeden
351073 (love & hate)

Friday, July 17, 2009

//SNEAK PREVIEW! Hi everyone!I am already receiving some great works!It looks like there should be quite promising work at the exhibition if this standard is maintained. Start feeding that piggy bank....

Gant Powell-"Cities are people too"-check him out here!

Stefan Joch-(AT/Austria) check him out here.

Joh Del-"I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet." Check him out here

Jaco Haasbroek-Cape Town. Check him out here.

Monday, July 6, 2009


City Slickers is the name of the upcoming exhibition taking place in Pretoria at +27 gallery on the 13th of August, traveling to Durban at the end of October.The aim of the exhibition is to make people aware of the incredible illustration/design talent we have in South Africa, as well as exposing some great international talents, from across our borders.

The approach of the exhibition is one of a light-hearted nature, geared towards making art for everyone to enjoy.The works thus explore the theme "city" in a new manner, translating each artists perception onto an A3 print, which will each be sold in an edition of 3.