Thursday, August 6, 2009

//ANOTHER PEEK BEHIND THE CURTAINS + a tough exercise of self-control.

I am truly overwhelmed.When one receives such a great amount of awesome contributions, it is very difficult to keep it to oneself.I suppose one could equate it to keeping a secret...I have reached a new point of self control, as I would love to just post every work I have received and share it. Yet, then what would be the point of an exhibition right? Here are a few more works I particularly enjoy.Feel free to comment.

Merwe Marchand Le Roux (CT/London)

Anthony Dart (JHB)

Donovan Sloan (PTA)

Matt Kay (DBN)


  1. day when i grow up
    i wanto have skill like that!!!

  2. Matthew Kay makes me sick. I know him. The next time I see him I'm gonna punch him in the face, and then try and suck some of the talent out of his head.